Adriana Lestido

Adriana Lestido

Rolf Art.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.
April-June 2015.

In Mexico exhibition, Adriana Lestido presents two series of photographs taken in the country in 2010. One of them, The water boils – shot in the month of June- captures aspects of this extraordinary city, near Oaxaca. The other, Mexico - which lends its title to this exhibition- is a commissioned work by her colleague Patricia Mendoza, who invited her to extensively record the landscapes of different areas of that country, in recognition of the International Year of Forests declared by the United Nations in 2011.

Curatorial text.
by Adriana Lauría.


Land of no evil.
By Romina Resuche.
Radar Supplement, Página 12, April 26, 2015.

Land of no evil.
By Flor Monfort.
Radar Supplement, Página 12, May 22, 2015.

Lestido makes nature detour in Mexico.
By Marjan Groothuis.
Buenos Aires Herald, April 6, 2015.