Adriana Lestido

Lestido in the city that was

by Leila Guerriero

Cadena Ser, April 3, 2022.


by Juan Forn

Prologue of the book Metropolis by Adriana Lestido.

Notes on Adriana before becoming Lestido. Metrópolis

by Guillermo Saccomanno

Página 12, March 6, 2022.

So much love and compassion

by John Berger

Correspondence between John Berger and Adriana Lestido.

Capturing the invisible

by Valeria Bula

El Gran Otro nº 3.

Within, without

by Pierre Devin

Beauty and Hope

by María de los Angeles González

Minister of Culture from Santa Fe.
Prologue of the book What is seen by Adriana Lestido.

"The purpose of my photographs is to approach the truth"

by Laura Litvin

Tiempo Argentino, October 22, 2013.

What is seen

by Marta Dillon

What is seen by Marta Dillon Introductory text for the retrospective "Adriana Lestido – What is seen. Photographs 1979/2005".
Recoleta Cultural Center, Cronopios Room.
April-May 2008. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Master Lestido

by Juan Forn

ADN, La Nación culture supplement, June 24, 2011.

How to photograph a bone.

by Josefina Licitra.

ADN, La Nación culture supplement, June 24, 2011.

Deep into the human heart

by Marcos Zimmermann

What is seen, book and exhibition of Adriana Lestido.
Radar supplement, Página 12, May 12, 2013.

Adriana Lestido

by Christian Caujolle

Photo Poche 107, Agence Vu Galerie.
Centre National de la Photographie.
Paris, France 2006.

Eternal links

by Sara Facio

Book prologue "Adriana Lestido, Mothers and Daughters".
La Azotea Printing House. Buenos Aires 2003.

Adriana Lestido. Beyond Photography

by Martín Caparrós

Diario Critica, issue C nº 2.
March 9, 2008.

Women without Men: The women prisoners of Adriana Lestido

by Guillermo Saccomanno

Radar supplement (Página 12), September 16, 2001.
Prologue 2nd edition Women Prisoners, Argentinian Photographs Collection, 2008.