Adriana Lestido

Lestido in the city that was

by Leila Guerriero

Cadena Ser, April 3, 2022.


por Juan Forn

Prologue of the book Metropolis by Adriana Lestido.
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Notes on Adriana before becoming Lestido. Metrópolis

by Guillermo Saccomanno

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Mothers, doughters, prisoners: Adriana Lestido's women.

by Adriana Lestido & Renata Martins

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The Lestido Universe

by Miguel Russo

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The exquisite observation

by Cristina Civale.

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Ways of seeing what what is not there

by Leila Guerriero.

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Beauty and Hope

by María de los Angeles González

Minister of Culture from Santa Fe.
Prologue of the book What is seen by Adriana Lestido.
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Pearls and scars

by Angel Berlanga.

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The depth of the human heart

by Marcos Zimmermann

About What Is Seen, Adriana Lestido's exhibition and book.
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Lestido: lo difícil que es amar

by Mercedes Pérez Bergliaffa.

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The secrets of fire

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Master Lestido

by Juan Forn.

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How to photograph a bone

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What is seen

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Adriana Lestido. Beyond Photography

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Women without Men: The women prisoners of Adriana Lestido

by Guillermo Saccomanno

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Adriana Lestido: "The most complex human relation is that of mother-daughter"

by Isabel Navarro.

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PHotoEspaña: Regards de Femmes

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The “difficult loves” of Adriana Lestido

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"To photograph is to shake off darkness"

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An Argentinian photographer that thrills Madrid

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The soul in the air

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The woman who wanted to be a mirror

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