Adriana Lestido

An endless world

by Dani Yako.
Revista Ñ, cultural section, Clarín newspaper

Adriana Lestido´s exhibition that opens Tuesday 11, at Recoleta, reveals an obsessive search into the women´s universe.

There are pictures that are like a destiny. Adriana took up that icon of mother-daughter claiming for the man disappeared in 1982 and almost all the works that came after moved round the absence of men: imprisoned women / adolescent women / puberty / mother-and-daughter. At first sight, it seems to be a limited world, but under Adrianas´s eyes.- the most important Argentinean photographer of the last 30 years – it is an endless world.

Her impressive restrospective in Recoleta, shows us that beyond any fashion, photography can move us, makes us think, makes us wonder and sometimes gives us an answer. We have been friends for 25 years and probably objectivity will not be found in these lines; a friendship based on love but also on a strange love for photography, with weekly encounters at the Britanico, copies of 12x18 in between, enjoying achievements but also with merciless criticism on our work, chatting about movies, literature, loves or politics. Nobody ever said so many hard things about my works as she did, a rare mix of guru and foreteller that makes her stand out. Today I thank her for it. Obsessive to the point of irritation, she believes in the perfect pictures of an imperfect world. Do not miss the exhibition, please go.